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Rigol Technologies Inc oscilloscopes and other measurement devices at a very attractive price point (relatively speaking). This brand offers a lot of bang for the buck.
Vertex Machinery of the better Chinese brands of machine tooling. Their 4" Kurt-clone machine vice is the best knock-off I've been able to find.
Vogel Germany is one step up in quality compared to the typical Chinese tooling being sold, but still less expensive than e.g. Mitutoyo. I would expect that most of their products are still Chinese-manufactured, but with better quality control, and slightly better finishing. All measurement tools have tolerances specified according to DIN standards, which is very nice.


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CNC Zone things related to CNC. A forum with amazing breadth and activity.
Frylunds Fagteori the only dedicated Danish forum I know of
The Hobby-Machinist a very extensive forum site. As of 2013 it's only three years old, but it still has an impressive number of users, and most forums seem very active.
The Home Machinist! site dedicated to enthusiasts of all skill levels and disciplines of the metalworking hobby.
The Home Shop Machinist & Machinist's Workshop BBS companion forum the "Home Shop Machinist" magazine.
Practical Machinist

Blogs & Homepages

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CNC Cookbook
Frets collection of shop tips
Frylunds Fagteori - Teori i industriteknik of good information - in Danish!
Home Shop Machining Projects person, very impressive projects
HOME SHOP TECH Articles by Frank Ford of Frank Ford. One of the most impressive personal home pages I know of. Dedicated to machining and related disciplines..
Mini-Lathe.com of information on the mini lathe and mini mill.
Mini-Lathe Workshop - Amateur's workshop tools very talented Japanese who maintains an English version of his Japanese site. Imagine having to keep two sites in sync! Nice work.
Rick's Web Site Sparber has written some great articles on the precision of Chinese scales, and the jitter problem in the Shumatech DRO 350 consoles.
The Steampunk Workshop projects in brass


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Arc Euro Trade MT3 tooling with M12 drawbar threading (instead of 3/8" and 1/2" BSW). Fantastic guide on X3 preparation.
Chronos Engineering Supplies
DamenCNC company specializing in parts for building CNC machines.
Kalibrierservice24.de a good selection of measurement products from Vogel Germany.
Long Island Indicator Service of the best websites I've found on dial indicators. This really should not go under "shopping", but it is a store, and so it does.
Machine-DRO based webshop that specializes in DRO equipment, and a limited selection of other measuring equipment. They have nice digital height gauges at a good price point.
RC Machineshttp://www.rc-machines.euThe most extensive selection of any shop I've found. Prices and quality are similar to the UK based webshops.
RDG Tools
Sorotec supplier of machine tools and CNC components