This site is provided by Offcuts Fabrications.

We specialize in opensource designs, prototyping- and product development, and the software required to power all these things. And, we help companies understand how new trends in micro manufacturing and consumerization are affecting traditional product developmnt and production.

Smaller CNC versions of significant production equipment such as lathes and milling machines, can each be had at the cost of a office laser jet 10 years ago. So can complex processes, such as stereolithography, that were previously the sole domain of large R/D departments, and 3D printing is breaking the $500 price point.

This is making advanced micro manufacturing capabilities locally available, and the Internet is overflowing with the knowledge and designs for curious consumers and businesses to put those capabilities to use. All the while end users increasingly demand and expect tailored and customized experiences, to suit their needs and help them differentiate themselves in a globalized work force.

The capabilities provided by low cost, and increasingly higher capabilities of micro manufacturing processes, is uniquely suited to address these consumer demands and expectations, that are also changing traditional value chains product development and manufacturing.