It never seizes to amaze me how its possible to find inspiration in improving on even the simplest of tasks just by seeing what other people have done. This post is curated compilation the notes I collected when planning the DRO installation (X-axis and Y-axis) on my Sieg SX3 mill.

3-axs DRO display

3-axis DRO unit for mill and lathe. It supports all the usual math operations, bolt circles, etc.

Almost all my projects include countless hours spent researching forums, blogs, and Youtube videos for prior art, to see what solutions other people have come up with to similar problems. If we all were to re-invent the wheel every time we started a new project, we would spend a lot of time not progressing.

From a commercial perspective this research is invaluable in identifying risks involved in the project such as spotting pitfalls upfront, assessing the machining operations involved, verifying that all tooling is available, and difficulties in sourcing materials and components.

A new project always starts out as a single document with notes, links to articles, small lists of requirements and specifications, etc. I use, there are countless other alternatives.

Sieg SX3 with DRO

Sieg SX3 fitted with 3-axis DRO. The Sieg SX3 comes with an integrated DRO on the quill.

Build Logs

Fortunately for anyone planning to DRO a mill or a lathe, the companies selling DRO kits and components, invest a lot of effort in making a DRO installation accessible. Just take a look as the video collection by DRO Pros on Youtube.

DRO Kits, Supplies, etc.

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